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If you’re looking for a special present that will make an impression, Aladdin’s Art Gallery has it. From fun to functional, you can find the perfect gift at Aladdin’s!

Art Glass

Aladdin’s Art Gallery carries exquisite Art Glass, from as close as Ashland and Huntington to as far away as Italy and Poland.


The candles we carry don’t just have a nice scent; they are little works of art. The unique “ribbon wick” gives off an intriguing, flickering glow. Even after the candles are gone, the containers are too interesting to discard. They can be reused for plants, office supplies, potpourri or spare change.

Garden Stakes

Lexington, Kentucky is the home of the artisan who creates the kinetic garden stakes Aladdin’s Art Gallery carries. The playful designs move merrily with the slightest breeze. We also carry a line of mixed media garden stakes, combining stones and art glass in a textural display sure to liven up any yard.

“Green” Gifts

Pop can jewelry. Journals made from leather scraps from a car upholsterer. Pendants made from repurposed domino tiles. Earrings made from wine bottles. Kaleidoscopes with antique doorknob bases. Aladdin’s Art Gallery carries many items made with recycled materials that are fun and environmentally friendly.


You won’t find mass-produced jewelry at Aladdin’s Art Gallery. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are created by local artists, as well as artists from around the world. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted, and the materials used are as varied as the artists themselves. Semi-precious stones, hand-blown glass beads, and repurposed scrabble tiles are just a few of the components used by these inventive artists to create small works of wearable art.


If you’re searching for a truly one-of-a-kind present, then a kaleidoscope is what you’re looking for. Ashland glass artist Cathy Painter makes each piece by hand, incorporating materials like crystal candlesticks, perfume bottles, even antique silverware, into amazing works of art. They are as beautiful “to look at” as “to look through”. Cathy can even create a custom-made kaleidoscope just for you, using personal items such as jewelry or charms. These kaleidoscopes make the perfect gift for the person who has everything.

Kentucky Crafted

Aladdin’s Art Gallery is a proud Kentucky Crafted retailer. We strive to carry beautiful, hand-crafted items by the talented artists and artisans in Kentucky. Sumptuous hand-dyed silk scarves, finely-hewn wooden boxes, unique pieces of jewelry, and recycled leather journals are just a few of the many items available at Aladdin’s.


Lampshades made from leaves? Oh, yeah. These totally cool lamps are created in the Philippines from a “Fair Trade” company. Drying then dying the leaves from a cocoa plant, villagers make wave lamps, jellyfish lamps, gecko lamps and much more!

Nesting Dolls

Hand-made in Russia, these nesting dolls, or “matryoshkas”, make a great gift. From the traditional Russian peasant dolls to animals to holiday-themed, these dolls are works of art. This is the perfect gift for children; they can play with it now and have a keepsake to treasure always. Adults also appreciate the artistry as well as the craftsmanship of the matryoshkas.


Functional as well as beautiful, these art umbrellas are sure to brighten a dreary, rainy day. They make a great gift; even if the recipient has an umbrella, it won’t be as cheery as the one you give. You might as well pick up one for yourself!

University of Kentucky

If you’re a Wildcat fan, we can help you decorate your “lair” or deck out your tailgating spread. Aladdin’s carries both UK gifts and artwork, and we can also help you frame any UK memorabilia you want to preserve.